It Ripped Apart the Heart of Me

It Ripped Apart the Heart of Me

Verse 1: It ripped apart the heart of me, A love once pure, shattered debris. Dreams of forever, now lost in time, Betrayal, the ultimate crime.

Verse 2: Emotional turmoil, endless despair, Painful memories, too much to bear. Heartbreak, the hurtful toll it takes, Love lost, the heartache it makes.

Verse 3: Scars of the past, slow to heal, Once felt love, now surreal. The shattered pieces, too many to mend, A fragile heart, afraid to extend.

Verse 4: A journey to healing, a difficult climb, Broken pieces, the scars of time. The heart now guarded, but open to learn, Hope on the horizon, a new love to earn.

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