It started at night and ended with a goodbye under the rain

The night was dark, the stars were bright,
As we walked hand in hand that night.
The moon was full, the air was cool,
And we both felt like fools.

We talked and laughed, we shared our dreams,
We whispered secrets or so it seems.
The hours flew by, the night grew old,
And our love began to unfold.

But then the clouds rolled in so fast,
And the rain began to fall at last.
We ran for cover, we held each other tight,
And we knew this was our last night.

For as the rain poured down on us,
We knew our love had lost its trust.
We said our goodbyes, we shed our tears,
And we walked away with all our fears.

Now every time it rains at night,
I think of you and what might have been right.
But I know deep down inside,
That our love had already died.

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