It’s practically fruit ! #Poetry

Mounds and Snickers
a chocolate delight
Reese’s at mid-day
Milky Ways at night

Licking my lips
flavored with love
Butters my Fingers,
With ebony Dove.

Hershey’s with Almonds
Mr. Goodbar too
makes my Tootsie’s roll
and my Charleston Chew!

Brach’s chocolate cherries
makes the Black Cow moo,
as her Andes Creams
and her Toblerone too!

The Three Musketeers
are headed for Mars
as the Galaxy streaches
over Ferrero Rocher stars.

One might ask,
where it all began
Kit Kat knows.
Twas Babe Ruth’s Grand Slam!

Or was it a Zero
that made it funky?
Perhaps nutty raisins
inside a Chunky?

With a York Pepperment Patty
and an old Clark’s candy
Oh Henry strolled
like 5th Avenue’s dandy.

With NutRageous Bounty
Godiva Crunched,
on a Forever Yours, 
It’s what’s for lunch !

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