Knight of the Darkness

I’ve navigated sorrow’s tempestuous sea,
Seeking answers for the morrow, free,
Through hell’s fiery depths I’ve trod,
My deepest desires to unclod.

But the time has come to set my heart ablaze,
To leave the shadows of the past’s haze.
In the light’s embrace, I must now confide,
Though my soul with darkness is entwined.

I am the knight of the darkness, bred on fear,
Your worst nightmare, yet you hold me dear.
A demon of forgiveness, I grow strong,
From your weakness, my power prolongs.

With me, you are hopeless, yet you yearn,
For a connection, a bond to burn.
But I am the one you will wish you never knew,
Your perfect facade, marred by hues.

I am the master of cards, the heart’s thief,
Capable of tearing apart with a brief,
Leaving you defenseless, bereft of guard,
In a world where shadows forever ward.

I am the lies beneath truth’s guise,
The agony that never subsides.
You wonder which version of me you’ll meet,
As you seek to transform the demon’s heat.

But only my dark side you know,
The truth I’m unafraid to show.
Now you’re aware of the demons within,
Their chains unlatched, their freedom to begin.

I know you’ve tried, I know you’ve wept,
I don’t wish to see your pride adept.
Please flee, find a safe haven to hide,
Don’t stand by my side, the world’s wide.

My soul is dark, and I fear this ride,
To find my kind side, I must confide.
I’m sorry, but you must leave me behind.

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