Let Me Take You #Poetry

In the darkest of nights 
Your body pressed against the wall 
Hands held high above 
Let me slide my hands down your body 
To feel every sensual curve 
Let me kiss you as if it were the last time I were able 
Sliding my tongue softly against your lips 
Let me kiss your neck softly in this night 
Sliding my tongue up your neck upon your ear 
Down further to explore your body. Tearing off one piece of clothing as a am to uncover what my tongue seeks Watch me as I kiss down your bare body 
Watch me as I spread your legs and slide between. 
Watch me tear your underwear off 
Let me slide my velvet tongue 
Watch me explore your insides 
Until I find the path that brings you to your limitations 
Watch me climb up your body kissing every inch with wet lips 
Kiss me so you taste what your inner being is 
Open your legs and wrap them around my waist 
Pull me closer so our bodies may collide 
Pull me deeper so I may further explore your inner being 
My hips bucking 
Yours following in motion 
This pleasure we share
In my life’s fantasy.
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