Liberation’s Leap

In relinquishing we unearth our cadence
For when we comprehend our intrinsic eminence
We embark upon a journey resplendent in hue
Abandoning what dulled our vision askew.

In measured strides we advance towards luminosity
Glimmers of hope guiding our ascent deftly
A gossamer thread woven with purpose and grace
Resolving to forsake that which held us in solace.

With steadfast resolve we yield unto liberation’s call
Transcending the blighted shadows that once held us enthralled
Elevating our spirits to loftier realms on celestial wings
Where the brilliance of self-discovery resplendently sings.

For in the surrender of stale narratives gone awry
We unearth treasures hidden gems that fortify
And as we clasp hands with boundless possibility
We embrace the splendor of newfound felicity.

So let go dear soul and embrace your destined flight
Shedding burdens that shrouded your inner light
For in the audacious leap towards vast expanse
We discover the true essence of our divine dance.

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