Life is a Boiled Vegetable

Life is a boiled vegetable,
Not always tasty, not always good.
Sometimes it’s mushy, sometimes it’s hard,
But it’s always there, no matter what.

Like a carrot, life can be sweet,
But it can also be bitter.
Like a potato, life can be plain,
But it can also be full of nutrients.

Like a green bean, life can be long and winding,
But it can also be short and sweet.
Like a broccoli, life can be healthy,
But it can also be a bit too much.

But no matter what kind of vegetable life is,
It’s still life.
And it’s still worth living.

So enjoy the ride,
And savor every bite.
Because life is a boiled vegetable,
And it’s only as good as you make it.

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  1. Emaistace Avatar

    So right

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