Life is Like a Cease-fire

Life is like a cease-fire,
An uneasy truce between
The warring factions of our soul.

We try to forget the past,
To bury the pain and the hate,
But it’s always there, lurking in the shadows.

We try to move on, to build a new life,
But the old wounds are never really healed.

We live in fear of the next battle,
Of the next time the guns will start to fire.

But for now, we have a cease-fire.
We can try to be happy, to live in peace.

But we know that it’s only temporary,
That the war could start again at any moment.

So we live each day to the fullest,
We make the most of every moment,
Because we never know when it will all end.

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  1. Shashi Avatar

    Yes life is like a cease fire. But a fragile one at that.

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