Life’s Timeless Driftwood.. #Poetry

Life’s Timeless Driftwood 

Peering back at the shadow stretching, 
continuance knows well the peaceful silhouettes from horizon’s light, 
ancestral sequences having frequented one’s shore many times. 

All is as it has been. 

One’s longevity holds firm, 
like isolated fingers protruding in protest 
from sequestered driftwood blanketed by sand, 
unready to move on, 
just yet. 

Just as sandpipers scavenge wet bubbles along the beach, 
furtively running zigs and zags, 
avoiding swooping wings overhead, 
we too avoid termination,
with luck. 

Destiny continues to lap the shore, 
its gentle hands tugging 
into tomorrow’s warm waters. 
man’s stubborn endurance.

So mighty… 

This evolving limbed-strength, 
accepting of journey’s tempest, 
willing to ready again for the next leg of one’s odyssey.

Even as… 

White caps thunder applause, 
at the elongated shadow of remaining branches 
fading into the day’s dusk, 
signaling a tide ready to lift 
to carry to the next shoreline and beyond. 

Roots have withered, 
growth’s ever changing leaves and bark 
have become morsels of love and loss, 
an existence mixing peacefully toward ghostly remnants.

At some point…

The water rises, 
the fiber and strands of resistance soften, 
dissolving into a new connection 
as birth’s salt and brine prepare the next iteration, 
the next surge upward, 
another tenacious wave of purpose 
exploding its final power 
into a mist imploring remembrance 
before the oneness of completion 
cycles again into its new existence. 

Such is the gift of time and space, 
the requisite condition for permanence, 
where presence once created 
evolves unfettered in perpetuity.

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