Look Past the Ultimate Betrayal

Look past the ultimate betrayal,
With a heart heavy and frail,
Forgiveness may seem out of reach,
But it’s the only way to heal and teach.

Trust may have been broken,
Leaving you feeling forgotten,
But remember to have faith in yourself,
And don’t let your heart remain on the shelf.

It may take time to move on,
And the pain may linger like a song,
But don’t dwell on the past,
For a brighter future is still vast.

Stand tall like the lone figure on the cliff,
Looking out into the horizon, a hopeful riff,
And remember, you deserve to be treated with love,
Don’t let the ultimate betrayal consume your dove.

Look past the ultimate betrayal,
With forgiveness, healing prevails,
Trust will eventually be restored,
And a new beginning will be adored.

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