Lost in the fog

Lost in the fog

Lost in the fog

Lost in the fog, I wander aimlessly,
Through a world of uncertainty and haze.
The path ahead a murky mystery,
A journey through a thick, opaque maze.

The mist swirls around me, obscuring all,
And I’m left feeling lost and alone.
I search for a sign, a familiar call,
A way to find my way back home.

But every step leads me further astray,
And every turn brings more confusion.
The fog is a veil that obscures the way,
And leaves me in a state of disillusion.

So I’ll press on, unsure of my fate,
Through the mist and the fog and the gloom.
I’ll navigate this uncertain landscape,
And hope that soon I’ll emerge from the womb.

As the fog begins to lift, I see,
A beacon of light shining bright.
And I know that I’m starting to break free,
From the shroud of the fog’s deepest night.

So if you ever find yourself in a haze,
Lost in the fog, unsure of which way to go,
Take heart and know that you’ll find your way,
Through the mist and the fog and the unknown.

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