Love is confusing

Love is confusing,
A maze of feelings and emotions,
A journey of the heart, oftentimes uncertain,
Where the destination is unclear, and doubts and fears are common.

Hate, on the other hand, is certain,
A straight path, with no room for diversion,
A one-way street, leading to a dead end,
Where the heart is closed, and the mind is bent.

But what happens when hate is loved?
When the heart is opened, and the mind is moved?
When the straight path becomes a winding road,
And the dead end is transformed into a new abode?

The dilemma is clear,
For love and hate are opposite spheres,
But when they intertwine, and boundaries disappear,
New possibilities emerge, and life becomes dear.

Love is still confusing,
A mystery that’s hard to unravel,
But when hate is loved, and hearts start to marvel,
The dilemma fades away, and life becomes an adventure to travel.

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