Melody and Mercenaries

Melody and Mercenaries

A melody floats on the breeze,
As mercenaries march with ease.
The music soothes the savage soul,
As war rages, taking its toll.

The sound of drums and trumpets blare,
As soldiers fight, with deadly flair.
The melody weaves its way through the fight,
And brings a moment of respite.

The clash of swords, the battle cries,
Echo through the valley, reaching the skies.
But the melody lingers in the air,
And softens the hearts of those who dare.

For music has the power to heal,
And bring humanity to what we feel.
Even in the midst of war and strife,
It can offer a glimmer of hope and life.

So let the melody play on,
As the mercenaries march on and on.
May it bring peace to the hearts of all,
And soften the hardest of the battle’s thrall.

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