Memories are something…

Memories are something that we hold dear,
A treasure trove of moments, far and near.
They bring us joy, they bring us tears,
They shape our lives throughout the years.

Some memories are like a warm embrace,
A comforting feeling we can’t replace.
Others are like a sharp pain,
A wound that never quite heals again.

But even the painful memories have their place,
For they remind us of life’s complex grace.
Of the people we’ve loved and lost,
And the lessons we’ve learned at great cost.

Memories are like a tapestry,
Woven with threads of our history.
Each one unique, each one a part,
Of the story that makes up our heart.

So hold on tight to your memories true,
For they’ll always be a part of you.
And though time may try to steal them away,
Your memories will live on every day.

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