Modesty #Poetry

Modesty  for  any  woman young  or old,
is  precious  and  precarious  a treasured
virtue, until  some  one  breaches it when,
seizes to rexist revealing real personality.

Centuries back, in an indian subcontinent,
on western border and sea, on vast land 
land spread entire region on West block,
trees grown healthy, with green foliage
all over, houses hundreds of marine life,
species of plants, like medicinal.plants
coconut the size of arrecanut, wild flowers
is abode of king cobra twenty feel long,
that could stand up on tail, feasts only on 
snake and is canabal, eats head first,
have 600mg of venom that could kill a 
herd of elephants, is a treat to watch it.

the saint on wrong aside of sixtees, witn
matted hair loincloth not exposed to soap.
with a shining face, that showed his energy,
walked the muddy path, even as villagers,
lined up on either side, heads bowed down,
and as he pass the area, they rush behind,
collects the dust that was under his feet,
bows down and smears on their forehead,
an act of reverence envy Gods would envy.

The saint walked up to the river shore, as
villagers followed, quickly boarded a boat,
saint found the beautiful, lovely  eyes, face
but smells of rotten fish, he quickly raised
hand Lo!  she turned a princess, with jewels
draped in silks,. A stunned women turned
to thank  the  saint  who made, it possible,
she looked at him softly, only to meet his
lustful eyes, surprised when she returned 
looks in seconds, was confronted with 
even more lust, and as if an answer she 
quickly raised her little finger up, to the 
mighty sun who even while give life to 
all living beings, plants and foliage also
pry on  every one from a vantage point.

Quick to follow the sign, saint lowered 
his head on river surface, whispered to 
to the river, and knowing saint’s power 
who could turn the entire deep river to 
a dry ravine, where not even a dry algae 
would grow, quickly covered the boat 
water on both sides in an arch format
covering her complete from the prying 
sun, even as the happy saint jumped 
onto her, like a hungry  wolf I a fatty
lamb,. Hours later they were blessed 
with a son.who grew up to be the king.


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