Morning Romance. (Where To Start ?)

Oh yes, where to start….
                 A Kiss behind the ear
             trailing across the jaw
                  a light sweep of lips across lips
                       a catch of breath…

                               moving down….

Fingers tracing every move….
    soft wet kisses to the neck
           ….are you feeling the groove? 

                 Slowly lips move from neck to chest
                             as they lovingly adore
              fingers lightly travel down
                                           eager to explore…

      Wet trailing kisses to the navel
               fingers circling around chest 
      bringing forth trembling lightheaded sensations
                    lips against skin, pressed…..

                              Moving ever so slow….

finger traces
circling tongue
lips adoring
wet embraces
intensity flowing
curling toes
twitching muscles
heart pounding
­out of body
a second of clarity
Sweet Release….

                                   Good morning baby, shall we go on……..

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