Mothers are Miracles

When we are born..we see a bright light
As we leave the womb and become a separate entity.
She helped to create and bring life into your fleshy body
A gift that shall be brought , from her to you, for all eternity.
She takes care of you when you are sick.
She cheers you on when you win
She holds you just to share her love and warmth
As such, respect shines upon her blessed name.
For Mothers are miracles
Never to be taken lightly
or to be ever forgotten past their souls leaving for eternity’s palace.
For she breathed life into your well designed body…
After you and your father….
The energy of your soul
Cheers out once a year
The anniversary of the person who gave this world, you..the miracle…
She deserves a strong hug and deep and cheerful,grateful,and energy-powered cheers.

© 2018. Vishal Dutia. All Rights Reserved.
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