Moving On

Thank you, next, the words we say,
When we’re ready to move forward, to find a new way.
Life is a journey, with twists and turns,
Sometimes we have to let go, and let the heart yearn.

The past is a lesson, a chapter we’ve closed,
Memories that we cherish, a story we’ve composed.
But life is about growth, about finding our place,
And sometimes we have to leave the past, to find our grace.

Thank you, next, a phrase that’s liberating,
A chance to start anew, to begin creating.
To embrace the present, with all its bliss,
To leave behind the pain, to find the beauty in this.

Life is a journey, with new horizons to explore,
New chapters to write, and stories to adore.
So let’s say thank you to the past, and embrace what’s to come,
For life is a mystery, a journey that’s just begun.

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