My heart #Poetry

My heart

Is a happy drunk

A little too open

A little too optimistic 

Its over in the corner of the bar

Playing poker

Screaming at the top of its lungs


When its never 

To this day

Had a winning hand

My heart

Is a sad drunk

A little too lonely

A little too caught up in tears

Its over at the counter

Forcing the bartender to take its keys

Because it would rather not go home

Than go home alone again

My heart

Is a reckless drunk

A little too unbalanced

A little too impaired

Its over by the door 

Making everyone nervous

A little too good at scaring people away

A little too far gone

Like you

A little too far gone

Turn your head 

Shuffle away and pretend you dont notice

The breakdown of a heart

Too drunk on feelings

To know when to stop


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