My lusts fires are spreading through me

As I lay here in this bed of silk,
My lust’s fires are spreading through me,
Uncontrollable and wild,
My passion burning bright, you see.

The desire within me grows,
As I yearn for your touch,
My mind consumed by thoughts of you,
And the heat is just too much.

Temptation swirls deep within,
As I crave your sensuality,
The taste of your intimacy,
So real, so pure, so full of glee.

Seduced by your every move,
I surrender to your embrace,
Lost in the depths of ecstasy,
My lust’s fires spreading through me with grace.

In this moment, all is right,
As we unite in our desire,
Our bodies entwined, we are one,
Lost in the flames of our passion’s fire.

So come closer, my love,
And let me feel your warmth and touch,
For my lust’s fires are spreading through me,
And I need you oh so much.

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