my naked mind … #Poetry

my naked mind
becomes a gray
solitude cell
tasting my thoughts 
waiting for you to
hold me through the
darkness of my crime

lilac lace panties
hangs on a rusty nail
damp from my own 
unique moisture
the scent of lavender musk 
fills the humid air

unclasped violet satin brazier 
falls off my shoulders
agile porcelain breasts
aroused raisin nipples
shutter instinctively 
as the crisp nightfall
breezes softly on them

craving for your love
became my sentence
ravishing my bare body
against bars of steel
plead my case
till I hear you say
“come now”

begging you
for my release
with time served

harden felon  
criminal sex
with you I
became a
repeat offender

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