Naughty Nights (Version 2.0)

Late at night, when the world is asleep
Our passion awakens, our desires run deep
It’s just you and me, and the flicker of candlelight
As we embark on our journey of Naughty Nights

Your eyes meet mine, and I feel the heat rise
Our bodies entwine, we lose track of time
Skin against skin, we explore every inch
As our pleasure builds, we both begin to flinch

Whispers turn to moans, and moans turn to screams
As the sounds of our love fill the room like a dream
We become one, in this moment so intense
As our ecstasy takes over, and our bodies make sense

The night goes on, and our passion never fades
As we explore each other, in so many different ways
Every touch, every kiss, every breath we share
Makes these Naughty Nights, so incredibly rare

So let’s hold on tight, to this feeling so right
As we spend our nights, lost in pure delight
For there’s nothing more erotic, nothing more true
Than when I’m with you, on our Naughty Nights so blue.

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