Need For Change In Our Society #Poetry


In the cold of this morning, there is some shudder with some chills,

There are also stinging questions on the heart.


Will this jumble continue in our hearts?

How long will this disrespect of his beloved daughters be saved?


Sometimes we have to show courage, we have to increase our hand,

Sometimes these tyrants will have to learn a lesson.


Some people were performing candles yesterday,

Strong voice I was passionate about his slogan, heart;


Many leaders gave speeches and went away,

The poor father of that bitia, I took a picture of my daughter;

His eyes also kept feeling embarrassed with some of the treasures.


Why do not we hear that daughters daughters,

The last hesitation of the hospital that I tried to live


Is the water of our eyes so dead,

That today our daughters have been promoting their responsibility to protect their identity.


This country, which forgives even my enemies,

Why fearless can not live with Our daughters


Where did the brother put his defense thread on his wrist,

Their sisters promised to protect and play defense.


God has also said that tolerating injustice is also wrong,

So do not blame yourself on these crimes, Im not a crime myself.


Today is the time, we have to change our thinking,

The whole destiny of your society will be changed.


Today we all have to make this resolve,

Durga, the country that worshiped Lakshmi, I have to end the Bhasmasur.


She will have to give her the lost honor of the woman,

Changing thinking, changing itself, will have to change society;


It has to be said that if you go to life, but our country, I will no longer be fearless,

The spheres of any woman will no longer be muddy.


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