Now I will fight for my dreams! #Poetry


Surrounded by buildings

My dreams!

Ever sweet sleep

Ever in the curve

On the verge of life

On the edge of a knife

Now I am steep,

How lonely!

Restless mind, hesitant,

Feeling of emotions,

Scattered all over,

Surrounded by buildings,

Now screaming

This is my dream!


Cover has disappeared

The cloud has been broken,


My new azin

Will do the same

Now my dreams

From storm vaults,

Or from the gorgeous flaming flames,

Will not be seized

This time will win,

Tearing the walls

War on every attack

Will not rotate the buildings

I will fight for my dreams!

Played in the courtyard of the house,


Underlined buds, thirteen colors

When she leaves the courtyard

The faith of the mind was broken,

Eyes saw a unique dream

Whose finger to move forward, imagine!

Conflicts were only mine

When the facility was made Sahara

Speech of consciousness happened,

Then found darkness around the well!

Dream is the basis of courage

My thinking is on the same thinking

Do you have the courage

By giving it

So, do not mistake it

What was that too soon?

The same idea came to mind

But what did I find by bowing down and stopping?

Will try for those dreams

Now I will fight for my dreams!


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