O mirror, mirror on the wall

Look inside my soul’s reflection,
What do you see in this frame?
Is my spirit bright like the daytime,
Or does darkness fill up the whole space?

My heart holds many wonders,
Some full of love, some not so true,
But regardless of what you may find there,
The only thing that matters is how much they are loved, too.

So please tell me now honestly,
In your opinion am I really that great?
Do others admire me for who I truly be,
Or will my inner light just continue to fade?

Reflect upon this carefully,
For my emotions truly can’t lie,
And as long as you believe in me,
I know I’ll always have reason to fly.

O mirror, mirror on the wall,
Your truth has showed me all;
With courage from within my core,
This journey I’m prepared to take.

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