Orchestral maneouvreing #Poetry

baton in hand, the conductor points
as if addressing children. With a faint
streaming sound the clarinet
begins the music of wind rustling trees.
The stream turns to a river, as the violins
begin to sluice their melody through air;
a clash of drums mimics approaching thunder.

above this sudden din the harp brings clouds
to life, and the flute and oboe imitate rain,
the piccolo shrills with the cries of birds,
the xylophone and zither herd the sheep
safely to pasture. The flats and sharps
struck on the piano summon forth the horses.

cymbals clash as if animals in a zoo
raging against their captivity. The bassoon
and organ throat their grief,
each living thing finding its muted voice
through their chosen instrument. For the first time,
through music, humans understand.

then all, as if caught up within a storm,
play violently together in fortissimo
demands upon the listener. Angry prophets
ingeminating doom seem to resound
till suddenly the tumult builds to harmony,
an inner resolution found.

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