Our memories deceive us

Our memories deceive us, they play tricks on our mind
What we think is true, we sometimes find
Is just a figment of our imagination
A product of our own creation

We remember what we want to remember
And forget what we wish to forget, surrender
To the power of our mind, that paints a picture
So vivid, so real, it’s like a scripture

But memories can be fickle, they can deceive
What we think is real, we may not believe
For time can distort, and fade away
What we thought was true, just yesterday

So let us cherish the memories we hold dear
For they may not be as they appear
Let us relive them with joy and love
And thank the heavens above

For the gift of memory, no matter how flawed
It’s what makes us human, and loved
Our memories deceive us, it’s true
But they also remind us of what we’ve been through.

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