Passionate Surrender

Her red velvet lingerie so luxurious,
As she pushed me down with a look so serious,
Her cleavage felt soft on my lips,
I was the willing submissive to her dominatrix trips.

Her gaze was heaven, as I was stuck in her trance,
She slowly sat on my lap with a sensual glance,
Her legs wrapped around my hips tight,
I couldn’t resist, no matter how much I tried.

She teased me with her sexy accent,
Making me harder with each firmament,
Her breasts unleashed, free to roam,
I was in heaven, finally coming home.

My bottom lip in her grip so tight,
A sexy bite that was just right,
She sucked the devil out of me,
This was real, it was no fantasy.

I enjoyed every moment, every second,
As her vision became my submission,
I was hers, and she was mine,
Together in passion, for all time.

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