Past links can always be there.. #Poetry

Land amidst a million myths, streaming rivulets, waterfalls 
God’s reincarnated paradise, the Fjords, mellow fields, flower valleys 
glacial fresh water lakes, intriguing, if reincarnation is  a truth ? 
careless freak of Nature, but even that’s a rare possibility or an opportunity 
beautiful land Denmark  sharing borders with Sweden and Norway and Germany 
spectacular Greenland and Faroe islands belong to this greatness 
the rich blue waves of the Baltic Sea wash its shores and coastline 

An enriched History and culture background, the Vikings, Trolls 
excellent craftsmanship, Vikings’ fame, evident in their wood built  boats 
and arts and literature, Hans Christian Andersen, of Little Mermaid fame 
the exquisite sculpture of this fictional portraiture, still lies astute at Copenhagen, overlooking the seas 
beautiful Danish music, jazz and pop music 
considered  as the happiest country in world 

Powered by Nature, Green lights, land of the Mountain kings and Trolls…… past links can always be there 

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