Pilgrimage of Love

Every man takes a pilgrimage in life
And finding your heart has been my own strife
Not perfect, too holy for my presence
Nor of clay, to be fashioned by my whims with no essence

But life has scarred you, sometimes broken
Whose pieces, my pieces might fit within
I see you with all your faults and failings
Simply praying you’ll look past all my own yearnings

Let us practice Kintsugi together, mend broken vessels
Learn to fly with broken wings, and mingle broken poetry and laughter
Share tears of sorrow and of joy, and dance with me who is no dancer
Sing with me who has no voice, and I’ll fight for you who needs stronger armor

Where we came from doesn’t matter, who we are is a fading dream
Help me lose a heart too long jaded, let us live for simple grace, it seems
I am a pilgrim worn and tired, you the dream my vision showed
Together we’ll find the love we deserve, and never let it corrode.

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