Roses #Poetry

A Red Rose
Represents my Love and Desire
My Admiration, Devotion and respect
The words I can’t convey
I love you

A White Rose
To show my purest of thoughts
The gentle innocence of my love
My Hopes of
A New beginning

A Yellow Rose
Symbolising our friendship
The warmth and the joy
The care of when our feelings were

A Pink Rose
Serves as Elegance and Grace
The intoxicating sweetness
The gratitude and appreciation
Thank you

A Orange Rose
Full of passion and energy
Our Pride and Fervor
Delivering a sense of fascination
I’m Proud

A Lavender Rose
Embodies Majesty and splendour
My adoration for you
My Heart full of enchantment
For converting my flirty heart to loveable one

A Blue Rose
Unachievable by nature
Expresses your mysterious charms
My Desire of the unattainable
I can’t have you, But I can’t stop thinking about you (Fuck bc….. I Will Bang My Mind If I Can’t Flush Her Thoughts)

A Single Black Rose
As words of my final farewell
The mourning and sadness
Illustrate the death of the relationship
A Tragic love.

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