Section 108 IPC (Abetment)

The law of abetment, a complex thing,
Can be a bit confusing, I’ll admit.
But it’s important to understand,
So you don’t get yourself in a jam.

Abetment is when you help someone commit a crime,
Whether by words or actions, it doesn’t matter.
If you encourage, persuade, or even just facilitate,
You could be charged with abetment.

So be careful what you say and do,
Because you could be held responsible for the actions of others.
Section 108 of the Indian Penal Code,
Makes it clear that abetment is a crime.

So if you’re thinking about helping someone commit a crime,
Think again. It’s not worth the risk.
You could end up behind bars,
And that’s no fun for anyone.

So remember, abetment is a serious crime,
And it’s not something to be taken lightly.
If you’re not sure whether something is abetment,
It’s always best to err on the side of caution.

And if you’re ever accused of abetment,
Get a lawyer and fight the charges.
You don’t want to be convicted of a crime
That you didn’t commit.

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