Shadows of the Unseen

In the stillness of the night,
When all is dark and quiet,
Shadows dance across my sight,
Elusive, intangible, yet so vibrant.

Everywhere I turn, they follow,
Always just out of reach,
A mystery I cannot solve,
A puzzle I cannot breach.

Sometimes they seem to breathe,
Whispering secrets in my ear,
And I can almost see,
What lies beyond our fear.

Other times they fade away,
Leaving me in the dark,
But I know they’ll come back someday,
To leave their mark.

The shadows of the unseen,
Are a part of who we are,
The darkness that we cannot glean,
But we know is never far.

So I’ll embrace this mystery,
And I’ll follow where it leads,
For in these shadows lies the key,
To life’s most precious needs.

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