Shrouded Shadows

Shadows silently sneak and sway,
Softly shifting shapes in the sun’s last ray.
Spectral shades, solemnly stay,
Slinking, sliding, slipping away.

Solemn darkness, slowly descends,
Silent secrets, shadows befriend.
Shadows stretch, sinisterly extend,
Sightless specters, shadows portend.

Sable shadows, slowly spread,
Spectral shapes, silently shred.
Shadows shroud, secrets unsaid,
Sorrowful sighs, shadows shed.

Shadows shift, silently show,
Secrets sealed, shadows know.
Shadows shrink, sorrowful slow,
Silent sadness, shadows bestow.

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© VishalDutia


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    100 Country Trek

    Hope all goes well with you .
    .thanks Anita

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