Silenced by Rape: A Survivor’s Journey to Healing

Trust broken, emotions drowned in rain
He promised love, but only brought pain
His touch barely a medicine to heal
His intentions unclear, filled me with fear

He smelled me like a new animal
Reacting to his abnormality, I pushed away
But he silenced me with a bruised, chapped kiss
His hands roamed, corpulent body pressed against mine

Claws like birds of prey, he pounced
Taking my bust with violent force
As if I was the last piece of bread on earth
He parted my legs and entered me

Cold blood ran through my veins
Mourning with élan, I was unable to protest
As he explored me with his tongue and lips
Playing me like a toy, ignoring my pain

But I refuse to let this define me
I am more than the sum of my parts
I will not let his actions consume me
For I am a survivor, with a beating heart

I will find my own strength to bear this alone
For I am cultured, civilized, and strong
And though life can be tragically beautiful
I will rise above it all, and carry on.

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