Sitting at the close of day in my London front garden. #Poetry

Sitting at the close of day in my London front garden.
Watching insects swoop and sway dancing, in the fading light of day.
The White fire fly light of solar Flickr into its bright existence..

Sudden swift dark shadows swoop and turn at dizzying angles under the gloom of the trees ? 
My heart quickens as the denizens of the night move at speed echo locating their path through the urban jungle, banana, fig, loquat, dickensonia, sycamore and bay cast deep impenetrable shadow.

The bats are out ! The Sadista sisters gaze intent and curious. Seemingly to muse on the thought of a hunt and catch. I laugh and they turn and walk away as nonchalant as cats can often be.

As the last Sun light fades 
The lights and hustle of city traffic Illuminate the trees.

The nightly flashing on and off of the security light begins.
Each Bus, car, fox, cat along with the odd actual human visitor brings sudden illumination to my front door.

I drink my now cold cup of tea. 
Wonder at the resilience of nature !
Survival in this urban sprawl !
Whisper may the saints preserve us all ! 
Then retire to my dinner. 
The Sadista sisters prowl their nightly hunt,
Renard the fox the bins and refuse sacks investigates !

My bit of front line, front garden Britain firmly green not Grey ! 
For all to see on any day !

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