Snow Mountain #Poetry

I walk alone these darkened hills,

can see my breath and getting chills.

My party left me long ago,

they didnt like my altered ego.

Snow blowing in my face,

they said they needed space.

Feet and hands becoming numb,

never have I felt so damn dumb.

Found a cave and there they were,

me freezing, them wearing fur.

Never has a fire felt so good,

not sure where they got the wood.

Then I noticed a very distinct odor,

they were burning our guide, Schroeder.

On the cave wall, I see four more dead,

eating the brains from their very head.

I yelled, What the fuck are you doing,

couldnt believe what I was viewing.

They said, Shut up or youre next,

I got on my knees and paid my last respects.

Spinning the body just like a pig roast,

Id be happy with just a bite of toast.

As I watched them eat the bodies,

if I had a camera, Id make copies.

Days went by and I got hungry,

the human body tastes so chunky.

Finally something that didnt taste like chicken,

my body was getting stronger and beginning to thicken.

We never did get discovered,

ended up in hell, getting eaten by an evil buzzard.


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