Spread Your Light

Spread Your Light

Spread your light, let it shine bright,
In the darkness, be a guiding light.
Illuminate the world with your soul,
And let your spirit take control.

Your light is a gift, a flame within,
A way to transcend and to begin.
It’s a beacon of hope, a ray of grace,
A reminder that love can take its place.

Let your light shine on the broken and lost,
The ones who need it most.
For your light can heal and make them whole,
And bring them back from the edge of the hole.

In a world full of chaos and strife,
Your light is the one thing that can bring new life.
It’s a force that can move mountains and seas,
A way to find peace when we’re brought to our knees.

So spread your light, and let it be,
A way for all the world to see.
The beauty that lies within us all,
And the power of love to conquer all.

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