Sullen Darkness

Caress my soul, and you shall see
A darkness that runs rampant with glee
It never sleeps, though I call it to bed
The sullen darkness within my head

Life’s a canvas, painted blind
Brush strokes from a saddened mind
Tears are my portion, paradoxically sublime
Ears ever listening for death’s beckoning chime

Sullen darkness, a constant companion
Haunting my thoughts, like a never-ending canyon
A void that can’t be filled, an emptiness that won’t subside
A sadness that can’t be denied, a darkness that won’t hide

My soul cries out for a glimmer of light
A hope that will guide me through the darkest night
But the darkness persists, a shadow that won’t recede
A constant reminder of the pain, that my soul does feed

Death’s beckoning chime, ever in my ear
A call to escape the darkness, to end my fear
But I hold on, to the hope that one day
The darkness will lift, and the light will have its way.

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