Sultry Nights

Lost in each other’s arms we lay, 
Amidst the sultry summer night’s play. 
The touch of your skin, so warm and soft, 
Ignites the flames of love aloft. 

In the grip of passion and desire, 
The longing for your touch sets me on fire. 
Our bodies entwined, embrace so tight, 
The world fades away from our sight. 

With every kiss, our love grows deeper, 
And the night grows hotter with each passing hour. 
As we give in to the heat of the moment, 
The flames of love engulf us in their potent.

Sensual and intense, our love is true, 
As we lose ourselves in each other’s hue. 
The night comes to a close with us in each other’s arms, 
Longing for more passion, more love and more charm.

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