The Algorithm of the Heart

The Algorithm of the Heart

The Algorithm of the Heart is like the code of life
It governs our actions, our thoughts and our strife
It beats like a rhythm, a metronome of love
Guiding our emotions, like the stars above

Each beat a reminder of the love we have found
A memory of moments, tender and profound
The algorithm of the heart knows only one rule
To love and to be loved, this is how we fuel

The algorithm of the heart is as complex as it is simple
Full of twists and turns, yet so delicate and nimble
It keeps us alive, gives us strength and desire
It binds us together, like a string of a lyre

And so we embrace this magical code
We let it guide us, along life’s winding road
For it is the algorithm of the heart that gives us wings
And with it we can fly, and do all wondrous things.

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