The Axiom of You and Me

The Axiom of You and Me

In this world, full of uncertainty and confusion,
You are my constant, my axiom, my foundation.
Every day, I turn to you for strength and support,
And you never fail to provide it, in any sort.

Your love is like the North Star, always shining bright,
Guiding me through the darkest of nights.
Even when the world around us crumbles and falls,
Our bond remains unbreakable, standing tall.

Together, we are a force to be reckoned with,
And nothing can ever tear us apart, not even myth.
Through thick and thin, through every mountain to climb,
We take on the world, hand in hand, every time.

So here’s to us, and the axiom we’ve come to be,
May our love continue to shine, for eternity.
For in this world, full of chaos and disarray,
Our love will always be the one constant, come what may.

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