The Burden of Bad Karma

Bad karma, a burden to bear,
A consequence we cannot repair.
The choices we make, the deeds we do,
Come back to haunt us, through and through.

Justice served, in due time,
The universe balances, in its prime.
What we sow, we shall reap,
A cycle of karma, we cannot cheat.

Regret fills our hearts, with each misdeed,
A burden we carry, with every bad seed.
But redemption waits, for those who try,
To make amends, before they die.

The weight of bad karma, heavy and true,
A reminder to be kind, in all we do.
For every action, has a consequence,
A lesson we learn, in life’s hard lessons.

Bad karma, a warning to heed,
A path to redemption, we can still lead.
The burden we carry, is ours to bear,
But with each good deed, we can repair.

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