The Clog #Poetry

What stays in
Doesn’t come out
Nipples hard with milk
When things are of another time
They are of that time
Not timeless
They are no longer here
Nipples hard with liquid or falsities
White and soft
I can’t get it out
No matter how hard I yank
Or pull and suck
Face watching with my own
Nipple in my mouth
Like the room she’s in
I went and I seduced
But no matter what
I couldn’t get her to leave
Aqua and in the morning, coffee
The bathroom gold and green
No matter what I said
She stayed there
She had her own fantasies to wait for
Milk that never comes out
It grows inside
Does it fold back in time
I want to say it becomes different
The man who grafted another face
What poems I wrote for him
No I want to say
That when you came at me
With the syringe
That I loved you
In gold and green
You came at me
Revision upon revision
Of your love
It wasn’t like you
To give up
I knocked and knocked
And you went back
Into your doorway
What days
The nipples rising
With future things to come
What happened to those thoughts
To those people
I loved that woman
In the building
Sunset road
The place
With the dead babies
But no matter what I did
How hard I yanked
She would never leave
I knocked and knocked
No matter what I did
Or said
I just couldn’t
Get her out of there

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