The Cycle of Use and Abuse

Use and abuse, a cycle so cruel,
A tale as old as time, but never a jewel.
We take what we need, without a second thought,
And leave behind the wreckage, with no remorse or fraught.

From the earth’s resources to the people we love,
We use them up and discard them like an old glove.
Nature’s beauty and bounty, we take for granted,
Ignoring the damage we cause, it’s all slanted.

The cycle repeats, with no end in sight,
As we continue to use and abuse with all our might.
But it’s not too late to make a change,
To break the cycle and rearrange.

Let’s cherish what we have, and use with care,
And repair the damage that we’ve caused everywhere.
For only then can we truly thrive,
And keep the cycle of use and abuse alive.

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