The Dance of Truth and Lies

Truth and lies, a strange pair,
Walk hand-in-hand, everywhere.
Truth is pure and clear as day,
While lies are cloaked in shadows gray.

Truth speaks with a voice so bold,
Lies whisper secrets, untold.
Truth is the light that guides our way,
Lies lead us astray.

But oh, how often lies deceive,
And make us believe what we perceive.
They paint a picture false and fair,
And trap us in their cunning snare.

So be wary of the lies you hear,
And hold truth close, my dear.
For truth is the foundation strong,
On which our lives belong.

In this world of shifting sands,
Where truth and lies often join hands,
May we have courage to discern,
The truth from lies, and learn.

To see the world with eyes so clear,
And banish all our doubts and fear.
For in the end, truth will prevail,
And lies will fade and fail.

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