The Earth is subtle, calm and serene

The Earth is subtle, calm and serene

The Earth is subtle, calm and serene,
A natural beauty, seldom seen,
Its powers are hidden and vast,
A precious gift that we must last.

From the mountains to the rolling hills,
The Earth is alive, and it never stills,
Its gentle streams, its vibrant greens,
A sight no mortal should miss.

The trees sway with the wind,
A soothing sound, so kind,
The secrets they hold, profound and wise,
A gift to all, no need to disguise.

The sea meets the shore, a beautiful sight,
A dance of nature, a love at first sight,
The waves bring along, shells and pearls,
A treasure trove for boys and girls.

The sky above, a canvas so vast,
A painting in hues of blue to last,
The mellow glow of the setting sun,
A gift to cherish, for everyone.

Earth is subtle, but don’t be fooled,
Its powers enormous, its wisdom schooled,
Protect it well, for it’s always ours,
A gift to great, for it knows no bounds.

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  1. 100 Country Trek Avatar
    100 Country Trek

    This is such an amazing image and calmness. Anita

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