The End of Us is Nigh

The end of us is nigh,
Our time is running out like a sigh.
We’ve destroyed our planet with greed,
And now we must pay the price indeed.

The oceans are rising, the ice caps are melting,
The signs of our demise are evermore telling.
We’ve polluted the air, the land, and the sea,
And soon there’ll be nothing left for you and me.

The animals are dying, their habitats destroyed,
We’ve taken too much and not enough enjoyed.
The forests are gone, the deserts expand,
Our actions have gotten out of hand.

But it’s not too late to make a change,
To clean up our mess and rearrange.
We can recycle, reduce, and reuse,
And make sure our planet doesn’t lose.

The end of us is nigh,
But we can still give it a try.
To save our home and all that we know,
Before it’s too late and we must go.

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