The Gentle Grace of Love

She held no dagger to my heart,
No venomous words to tear apart.
With gentle grace, she held my hand,
And led me through a promised land.

With trust and hope, I followed her,
Her heart so pure, it did not stir.
A love so true, it seemed divine,
A bond so strong, it could not decline.

But as time passed, her love did fade,
A betrayal so deep, it left me dismayed.
The shattered pieces of my heart,
Were left in ruins, unable to restart.

Yet through the pain, I found my way,
A heartache that led to a brighter day.
Redemption found in the depths of sorrow,
A new beginning, with hope for tomorrow.

She held no dagger to my heart,
But love can still tear us apart.
Yet through the pain, we find our way,
And learn to love another day.

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