The Hypothesis of Us

The Hypothesis of Us

The Hypothesis of Us

I see you in my theories,
In the equations that I write,
You are the constant that solves the mysteries,
The one that makes everything right.

I hypothesize that we are meant to be,
Our love an experiment of destiny,
A chemistry so strong and true,
A formula that only exists between me and you.

Our connection is the hypothesis,
That proves that love can indeed exist,
A theory that we have tested,
And one that we have undoubtedly bested.

So let us continue to prove this theory,
And show the world that we are extraordinary,
For our love is not just mere conjecture,
It’s a fact that we will always treasure.

Together we create a hypothesis,
That is tested each and every day,
And with each new discovery,
Our love only grows stronger in every way.

So let us be the proof,
That love is real and true,
With our hypothesis of us,
We will always make it through.

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